Hrexpress or Express hr-

Express hr or Hrexpress portal is an online system designed specifically for the convenience of employees who work at Kroger or any of its subsidiaries. By taking the help of Hrexpress services, employees get a chance to view their paystubs. They can also update their professional and personal information. Now let’s get to know all about the portal and its incredible advantages. 

How can you check Kroger pay stubs with the help of Hrexpress or Express hr?

Follow these simple steps for checking paystubs on the official website of Hr express:

  • The first thing that you will require is the Enterprise User ID, abbreviated as EUID.
  • Make sure you know your unique password before attempting to access the payslips.
  • If you are ready with both the password and the user ID, you can visit the official website,
  • Enter your credentials correctly in the allotted boxes on the main page.
  • Select ‘I AGREE’ after you are done entering the credentials. Congratulations! You are now free to have a look at your paystubs without interruption.
  • In case you have recently been recruited by the company and do not know the Kroger EUID, communicate it to your store’s department manager, and he’ll initiate the process.
  • Any EUID appears something like this one: AB12345. (Here, ‘A’ and ‘B’ will be replaced by the beginning letters of your first name and surname.)
  • Employees receive their pay stubs on every Wednesday.
  • You can also use Hr Express or Express Hr for setting up direct deposits. It usually takes nearly two weeks for the process to be completed at the official website of Express HR.

How can you check the Kroger schedule from the portal?

If you are a Kroger employee, then we would like you to know that the process to check the Kroger schedule is straightforward and user-friendly. It is almost the same as accessing paystubs on Express HR. But, there is one thing that you need to remember here. The website for checking schedules is not the same as the website for checking paystubs. To check your own schedule, you need to visit “Kroger Feed.” Kroger Feed allows workers to log in and have direct access to their own schedules without seeking the help of the HR Department. So, check the schedule quickly with the help of “Kroger Freed” by following these uncomplicated steps:

  • Be ready with your Enterprise User ID along with the password. These are the same credentials that you need while visiting Hrexpress online for looking at paychecks.
  • Now open a browser of your preference and go to You’ll automatically be directed to the home page, where they ask you to enter the user ID and the password in the required fields. Once done, select ‘I AGREE’.
  • You can now witness the Kroger “MY E-schedule,” which is right next to the option, “Store Updates”.
  • Please press on it to check the schedule at ease.
  • In case you face difficulties accessing the, seek the assistance of your office’s HR Department to resolve the issue.

Previously, the employees used to visit a different website to look at their Kroger paystubs. Now the company has declared that they’ll use the Express hr or Hrexpress portal for the same purpose.

What exactly does Kroger Express HR do?

If you log into your personal Express HR profile, you can have access to these:

  • Handle your employee details
  • Profile information
  • Your work time and schedule
  • Emergency communication
  • Title information and permit changes
  • Update salary
  • Payment receipts
  • Communication with co-workers

Please note that the points mentioned above concern Kroger workers only. You must be a Kroger employee to have an account and avail the benefits. If you are already an employee, visit and access the account.

Given below are some quick links to help you in case you are a Kroger employee:

  • For checking the Express HR paychecks, follow this link:
  • If you want to have a look at your schedules, follow the given link:

Kroger is a giant trading company having at least 2,700 branches all over the United States. Since its establishment in the year 1883, Kroger has explored diverse interests in multiple fields. It includes supermarkets, general foods, pastry kitchens, providing medicines, and more. Let’s get to know more about Kroger Express HR. Kroger believes in treating the employees well and improving workflow.


We hope you found our provided info on Hrexpress useful. The plus point of using the portal is to get all your business details in one place. So you do not have to bother the HR department to know about your progress or payment status as all payment information will automatically be updated here. Visit the official website to know more about the portal in detail and use it to simplify your life.